Medically minded tactically sound

Medically minded tactically sound

Totem Tactical Medical Division has over
50 years of accumulated operational experience

To bring ground truth experience into real time training


Totem Tactical Medical Division brings over 50 years of combined operational experience to provide the best tactical  insight in our training platforms.

We believe that ground truth experience, coupled with innovative and dynamic teaching methods, allow us to provide  the most beneficial learning environments.  From US and British Special Forces operators to civilian SWAT team members and other subject matter experts, you’re guaranteed to gain the knowledge and skills needed all levels to assure competency and confidence to tackle any situation head on.

Totem Tactical Medical Division – Medically Minded ~ Tactically Sound

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What’s In A Kit?

When it comes to packing your medical kit, there is an unending supply of bags, products and recommendations on what to use and what to carry. You will find pre-stocked kits as well as all the parts and pieces needed to build your own and while we won’t endorse any one kit over another, we […]


Bleeding Control in Seconds!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the use of the XSTAT 30—an innovative sponge-filled gunshot wound dressing device—for use in the general population. Approved previously only for battlefield use, the device can plug an open wound in approximately 15 seconds. The XSTAT Rapid Hemostasis System is an expandable, multi-sponge filled syringe that is […]


Acid attacks

If you are a victim or a bystander to an Acid Attack, try to follow these 6 simple steps to help.